A Sports Legend Reaches Out with Opportunities for Chicago’s Youth

Give Me a Chance Foundation pic
Give Me a Chance Foundation
Image: givemeachancefoundation.org

From offices in the Chicago suburb of Burr Ridge, Ernest Codilis and his team at the law firm of Codilis & Associates, PC, concentrate on serving clients in matters involving creditors’ rights, mortgage lending, bankruptcy, and other areas of practice. The firm also maintains a strong involvement in its community, with partners and associates supporting a wide range of nonprofit organizations, including Bo Jackson’s Give Me a Chance Foundation.

Started by Bo Jackson, a legendary Heisman Trophy-winning professional football and baseball player, the foundation works to create positive changes in the lives of youth who are identified as at-risk and underprivileged. Operating with its founder’s passionate belief in the power of sports and academics to inspire young people to become their best selves, the foundation offers character-building activities and training programs that have reached out to hundreds of children in the Chicago area.

In particular, the foundation provides funding to allow children to attend special sports-focused summer camps, operated in collaboration with Jackson’s Elite Sports Dome and the Cangelosi Baseball training program. With the support of these two local venues, the foundation is able to offer young athletes the chance to become experienced and well-rounded players while developing agility, stamina, and resilience.

Board members of the foundation serve without compensation, and 80 percent of donated funds go toward the programs, equipment, and services that directly impact young people.


Codilis and Associates Support the Chicago Bar Foundation

Chicago Bar Foundation pic
Chicago Bar Foundation

Founded in 1977, Codilis & Associates serves the needs of both mortgage lenders and servicers throughout Illinois. Codilis and Associates are also involved in a number of charitable endeavors and are supporters of the Chicago Bar Foundation (CBF).

In January 2011, Codilis contributed $25,000 to a total of $125,000 in donations made to the foundation in conjunction with the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, Pierce and Associates, and Attorneys’ Title Guaranty Fund, Inc. The CBF aims to make the justice system fair and accessible for all through its work.

Founding partner Ernie Codilis was present when the checks were distributed, and the money was used to provide grants to a number of organizations that offer legal help to homeowners who are at risk or currently facing foreclosure.

Among those who received the grants were the Center for Conflict Resolution, Chicago Legal Clinic, and the Legal Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago. The CBF has continued to offer grants and scholarships in the years that followed this donation.

Five Reasons to Sponsor a Child in a Developing Country

World Vision pic
World Vision
Image: worldvision.org

The attorneys at Codilis and Associates serve the needs of mortgage lenders and service providers throughout the state of Illinois. As part of their charitable endeavors, Codilis and Associates are long-time supporters of World Vision, which connects children in need with people who can sponsor them so they may enjoy more opportunities in life. Codilis & Associates continues to support this organization and encourages others to do the same by becoming sponsors. Following are some great reasons why individuals should do this.

1. Sponsoring a child is a genuinely rewarding experience. A great deal of satisfaction and fulfillment can be gained from the knowledge that sponsorship will allow a child access to resources that may not otherwise have been available.

2. Sponsorship is affordable and can make a genuine difference in somebody’s life. The World Vision program, for example, costs only $39 per month. That’s less than the price of a cup of coffee per day.

3. Supporting a child affords unique insight into different cultures and regions of the world, allowing one to develop a greater understanding of the social challenges faced by children in other countries.

4. Sponsorship sets a great example for children, demonstrating the importance of helping those who are less fortunate.

5. A sponsor will build a personal relationship with the child being supported through the exchange of letters, gifts, and cards. In doing this, the achievements of the sponsored child can be shared, and the sponsor can feel secure in the knowledge that his or her donations have made it all possible.

Food Insecurity in Illinois


Lawyers Feeding Illinois pic
Lawyers Feeding Illinois
Image: lawyersfeedingil.org

Based in Burr Ridge, Illinois, Codilis and Associates is a law firm that represents clients in an array of legal areas, including real estate law and creditor rights. Along with its professional focus, Codilis & Associates also dedicates itself to serving the community through involvement with charities such as Lawyers Feeding Illinois.

Lawyers Feeding Illinois is one of many nonprofits that address a serious need among many communities in the state of Illinois. These food-based charitable organizations are helping to feed the one in seven residents of the state who experience regular food insecurity–a number that amounts to around 1.8 million people, or 14 percent of the state’s population. Among Illinois’ most vulnerable demographic, the percentage is even higher, with over a fifth of the state’s more than 600,000 children affected by food insecurity.

This issue is not limited to one area of the state, manifesting in urban centers such as Chicago as well as more rural areas in agricultural districts. Though government food programs do provide those in need with support, those who wish to help further the fight against hunger in the state can take initiative by donating time or resources to charities that focus specifically on food insecurity.