Autism Speaks Supports Major Research and Assistance Projects

Autism Speaks

Since 1977, Codilis & Associates has provided high-quality legal advice to the mortgage lending and real estate industries in Chicagoland and beyond. Owner Ernest Codilis, Jr. and his staff of experienced attorneys contribute to a variety of philanthropic causes, including Autism Speaks.

Advocating for the rights of children on the autism spectrum, Autism Speaks supports research into causes of autism and best-practice interventions. The organization also conducts extensive public education to make sure the needs of families with an autistic loved one remain part of the national conversation.

Autism Speaks maintains the Autism Treatment Network, which concentrates on facilitating access to healthcare services. The organization’s Global Autism Public Health program goes even further by extending autism-related services to people living in under-resourced areas.

Among Autism Speaks’ other notable initiatives is the MSSNG (pronounced “missing”) program, which represents a groundbreaking partnership with Google to establish a comprehensive genetic database focused on autism. MSSNG has succeeded in sequencing thousands of entire familial genomes of people affected by the autism spectrum.


World Vision: Making an Impact on the World

Codilis & Associates gives time and money to improve its community, but the firm’s charity reaches beyond its own city of Chicago. Codilis & Associates is a supporter of World Vision, a group dedicated to ending poverty around the world.

According to World Vision, 1.3 billion people across the globe live on less than $1.25 per day. World Vision’s aim is to improve the economic well-being of families to break the cycle of poverty. The organization offers microfinancing to enable individuals to start a business. Specialized training is also offered in communities to help improve farming or gardening skills, giving people the ability to provide more food for their families.

World Vision’s 46,000 staff members work in nearly 100 countries to eradicate poverty. World Vision members also work to improve access to clean water, education, and medical aid, as well as responding to natural disasters. Word Vision raises money through direct donations, corporate gifts, fundraisers, and by allowing people to sponsor individual children.

Family Shelter Service Assists Victims of Domestic Violence

Family Shelter Service pic
Family Shelter Service

For years, Codilis and Associates has been making charitable donations to the Illinois-based Family Shelter Service. In April 2016, Codilis and Associates sponsored the Family Shelter Service Annual Gala as the organization celebrated its 40th year of helping those affected by domestic violence.

When Family Shelter Service was founded in 1976, the organization’s goal was to help the growing number of people who were homeless in DuPage County. Founders soon realized that many women and children were on the streets because they were victims of domestic violence. The service started a hotline, and then opened a network of safe houses.

Today Family Shelter Service teaches classes for victims of domestic violence, and offers them a safe place to share their stories. Participants can receive counseling, and may sign up for services to help them find housing, childcare, and food pantries. Family Shelter Service also has programs to teach the entire community about the effects of domestic violence, including one specifically for children who have suffered from abuse.

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Investing in Justice Campaign Promotes Justice and Legal Equality

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Codilis and Associates

Based in Burr Ridge, Illinois, Codilis and Associates provides legal services to mortgage lenders and servicers. Possessing a history of active community and nonprofit involvement, Codilis & Associates supports the Chicago Bar Foundation (CBF). CBF manages the annual Investing in Justice Campaign through the assistance and generosity of the city’s legal community.

CBF’s Investing in Justice Campaign promotes justice and legal equality by providing individuals with the necessary funds to acquire legal assistance or representation. Fund beneficiaries include children, persons with disabilities, veterans, and seniors. The program also offers support to individuals who have experienced domestic violence, immigrant persecution, and home seizure. Since its launch, the campaign has collected more than $11.5 million.

Over 140 corporate legal departments, law firms, and other law agencies participated in the 2015 Investing in Justice Campaign, which raised over $1.45 million. In addition, the 2015 campaign set new records for agency participation, individual contributors, and funds raised within the year. Contributions raised will fund more than $2 million in grants and be distributed among 34 pro bono and legal aid organizations.