Autism Speaks Supports Major Research and Assistance Projects

Autism Speaks

Since 1977, Codilis & Associates has provided high-quality legal advice to the mortgage lending and real estate industries in Chicagoland and beyond. Owner Ernest Codilis, Jr. and his staff of experienced attorneys contribute to a variety of philanthropic causes, including Autism Speaks.

Advocating for the rights of children on the autism spectrum, Autism Speaks supports research into causes of autism and best-practice interventions. The organization also conducts extensive public education to make sure the needs of families with an autistic loved one remain part of the national conversation.

Autism Speaks maintains the Autism Treatment Network, which concentrates on facilitating access to healthcare services. The organization’s Global Autism Public Health program goes even further by extending autism-related services to people living in under-resourced areas.

Among Autism Speaks’ other notable initiatives is the MSSNG (pronounced “missing”) program, which represents a groundbreaking partnership with Google to establish a comprehensive genetic database focused on autism. MSSNG has succeeded in sequencing thousands of entire familial genomes of people affected by the autism spectrum.


Autism Speaks Compiles List of Autism-Friendly Apps

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Autism Speaks

Based in Burr Ridge, Illinois, Codilis & Associates provides various legal services to lenders and servicers, with a focus on foreclosure and bankruptcy. Codilis currently donates to the organization Autism Speaks.

A go-to resource for autism-related news and research, Autism Speaks maintains a digital list of autism-friendly apps on its official website, To make a recommendation for an app, users must  send an email to the organization that details the price, platform, and target age group. All submitted apps must be accompanied by one of three designated research ratings: Anecdotal, Research, or Evidence.

At present, there are nine alphabetically organized pages of apps. One way visitors to the Autism Speaks website can search for apps is by category. Categories describe apps’ overarching objectives, such as whether software is educational, recreational, or social. You can also check apps’ availability on certain devices, or search by keyword.

To browse Autism Speaks’ list of autism-friendly apps, go to