Cambodia’s Hope Brings Nutrition and Education to Children

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Codilis & Associates is an Illinois-based law firm with experience in real estate law and creditor rights. In addition to representing clients who work within the business sector, Codilis and Associates supports a wide array of charitable initiatives, including the efforts of the nonprofit Cambodia’s Hope.

Founded more than a decade ago, Cambodia’s Hope is an organization that supports the operations of several orphanages in the Asian country. The primary orphanage that the organization supports is the Palm Tree Orphanage, which has grown from providing for 16 children in 2002 to 86 children today with the help of Cambodia’s Hope.

The work of Cambodia’s Hope allows the Palm Tree Orphanage to provide its young residents with nutrition, education, art, and recreation. These children are able to attend a half day of standard Cambodian school along with a half day of education provided especially by the orphanage, where the students learn subjects including English, chemistry, accounting, and computers. Additionally, most students attend a music or dance program and participate in public performances to showcase learned skills.

According to findings reported by UNICEF, around one billion children live in poverty around the world, but programs such as Cambodia’s Hope that provide them with access to a home and education go a long way toward reducing the effect that poverty can have on their lives. Research shows that access to education can be the crucial catalyst that motivates communities within developing countries to improve levels of food security, health care, and gender equality for their citizens.


Food Insecurity in Illinois


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Lawyers Feeding Illinois

Based in Burr Ridge, Illinois, Codilis and Associates is a law firm that represents clients in an array of legal areas, including real estate law and creditor rights. Along with its professional focus, Codilis & Associates also dedicates itself to serving the community through involvement with charities such as Lawyers Feeding Illinois.

Lawyers Feeding Illinois is one of many nonprofits that address a serious need among many communities in the state of Illinois. These food-based charitable organizations are helping to feed the one in seven residents of the state who experience regular food insecurity–a number that amounts to around 1.8 million people, or 14 percent of the state’s population. Among Illinois’ most vulnerable demographic, the percentage is even higher, with over a fifth of the state’s more than 600,000 children affected by food insecurity.

This issue is not limited to one area of the state, manifesting in urban centers such as Chicago as well as more rural areas in agricultural districts. Though government food programs do provide those in need with support, those who wish to help further the fight against hunger in the state can take initiative by donating time or resources to charities that focus specifically on food insecurity.

Title Curative Issues – Resolving Property Ownership and Transfer



Serving clients throughout Illinois, Codilis and Associates, P.C., has experience in complex litigation assignments and issues of foreclosure and bankruptcy. The Codilis team also undertakes title curative work through a dedicated title department that focuses on resolving title issues.

Codilis & Associates emphasizes the importance of these activities as a way of resolving foreclosure matters and achieving successful real estate transaction closures. The firm’s title curative activities resolve chain of title defects caused by error or ambiguity.

A focus is on ensuring that the record title matches the actual possession and use of the property. The deed or lease must describe the land in a way that is consistent with both jurisdictional requirements and county law. The acknowledgment must also be in the correct form, or the document may be deemed executed.

Other aspects of the title curative process involve making sure that sufficient testator intent is shown in wills and other documents related to the conveyance of the title to a new owner. In cases of divorce, the title transfer must be conveyed via the family court and properly filed.

The Eviction Process in Illinois

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Codilis and Associates

Serving the needs of lenders and loan servicers throughout Illinois, Codilis and Associates, P.C., handles a diverse range of real estate matters. The Codilis team organizes foreclosure actions and uses advanced strategies in managing the judicial foreclosure process.

The firm also provides client assistance in cases where eviction actions related to foreclosure are undertaken. Codilis & Associates understands the complex and time-consuming nature of foreclosures, particularly when it comes to handling tenants.

In the state of Illinois, self-eviction, which involves the property owner making the tenant move out of the premises, is not legal. Residential eviction must start with a written notice delivered to the tenant, with a variety of eviction notice periods applying, depending on the lease duration and type.

Nonpayment of rent requires a five-day notice, while other situations, such as damage to premises and rental agreement noncompliance, require a 10-day notice. The tenant is given 10 days to take care of the noncompliance issue, or the premises must be vacated. In cases of a month-to-month lease, a 30-day written notice is required, and there is no need to provide the tenant with a reason for eviction.