Codilis and Associates Support the Chicago Bar Foundation

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Chicago Bar Foundation

Founded in 1977, Codilis & Associates serves the needs of both mortgage lenders and servicers throughout Illinois. Codilis and Associates are also involved in a number of charitable endeavors and are supporters of the Chicago Bar Foundation (CBF).

In January 2011, Codilis contributed $25,000 to a total of $125,000 in donations made to the foundation in conjunction with the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, Pierce and Associates, and Attorneys’ Title Guaranty Fund, Inc. The CBF aims to make the justice system fair and accessible for all through its work.

Founding partner Ernie Codilis was present when the checks were distributed, and the money was used to provide grants to a number of organizations that offer legal help to homeowners who are at risk or currently facing foreclosure.

Among those who received the grants were the Center for Conflict Resolution, Chicago Legal Clinic, and the Legal Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago. The CBF has continued to offer grants and scholarships in the years that followed this donation.


The Eviction Process in Illinois

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Codilis and Associates

Serving the needs of lenders and loan servicers throughout Illinois, Codilis and Associates, P.C., handles a diverse range of real estate matters. The Codilis team organizes foreclosure actions and uses advanced strategies in managing the judicial foreclosure process.

The firm also provides client assistance in cases where eviction actions related to foreclosure are undertaken. Codilis & Associates understands the complex and time-consuming nature of foreclosures, particularly when it comes to handling tenants.

In the state of Illinois, self-eviction, which involves the property owner making the tenant move out of the premises, is not legal. Residential eviction must start with a written notice delivered to the tenant, with a variety of eviction notice periods applying, depending on the lease duration and type.

Nonpayment of rent requires a five-day notice, while other situations, such as damage to premises and rental agreement noncompliance, require a 10-day notice. The tenant is given 10 days to take care of the noncompliance issue, or the premises must be vacated. In cases of a month-to-month lease, a 30-day written notice is required, and there is no need to provide the tenant with a reason for eviction.

The Illinois State Bar Association Helps Attorneys Connect and Grow

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Illinois State Bar Association

Illinois-based legal firm Codilis and Associates offers legal services to clients in the financial industry. For more than 35 years, the firm has helped clients navigate loss mitigation, bankruptcy proceedings, and more. Codilis & Associates is affiliated with the Illinois State Bar Association.

The Illinois State Bar Association was formed in 1877 as a voluntary organization of top legal professionals in the state. For well over a century, the organization has helped shape legislation, educate the public, and advance the legal profession within the state of Illinois.

The association also maintains a a wide variety of discussion groups, allowing attorneys from far and near to collaborate and share ideas. Most online groups are open to all Illinois State Bar Associates, while some additional section discussion groups are set aside for those with additional section memberships.

Online discussion groups include ethics, family law, litigation discussion, and more. There is even a mentor-mentee board, where new attorneys can ask questions, and legal veterans can guide the next generation of legal professionals.