World Vision Programs Promote Disability Inclusion

Located just outside of Chicago, Codilis & Associates has handled cases for clients in the mortgage and lending industry for more than 40 years. Codilis and Associates supports local and international nonprofits, including the global charitable organization World Vision.

In its commitment to the Global Disability Summit Charter for Change, World Vision has developed several programs that help remove systemic barriers to social inclusion for people with disabilities. To improve the special education sector in Ethiopia, World Vision’s Engaged, Educated, Empowered Ethiopian Youth (E4Y) Program provides teacher training, adaptive devices such as wheelchairs and eyeglasses, and community awareness education on the importance of disability inclusion. More than 7,500 young people have been impacted so far.

The organization has also distributed more than 7,000 wheelchairs to underserved people with disabilities in Romania, India, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Kenya through ACCESS (Accelerating Core Competencies for Effective Wheelchair Service and Support). World Vision plans to implement similar programs in Malawi and Tanzania.

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