St. Louis Area Foodbank – Feeding People in Need


Lawyers Feeding Illinois pic

Lawyers Feeding Illinois

Codilis & Associates, PC, is a Burr Ridge, Illinois, area law firm focused on mortgage, real estate, and creditors’ rights law. Socially responsible, Codilis and Associates donates to the food drive organized by Lawyers Feeding Illinois (LFI).

A regional food drive, LFI raises money from multiple law firms to feed people in need. One of the many food banks that benefits from LFI is located across the state line in Missouri. Providing food to Illinois and Missouri residents alike, the St. Louis Area Foodbank is the only organization in a 26-county bi-state region that receives food through the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA’s) Emergency Food Assistance Program (EFAP).

EFAP provides needed nourishment to Americans from low-income and/or otherwise disadvantaged backgrounds by directly purchasing nutritious food and delivering it to distribution agencies such as the St. Louis Area Foodbank. The amount of food each agency receives depends on current unemployment and poverty levels in the areas the agency serves. The USDA also allocates EFAP money to states for administrative and food storage costs, which is partially passed on to local agencies.

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