Cambodia’s Hope- Improving Circumstances to Prevent Exploitation


Cambodia’s Hopepic

Cambodia’s Hope

The Burr Ridge, Illinois, law firm Codilis and Associates handles legal cases for mortgage lenders and other banks involved in the real estate industry. Codilis and Associates is also an active supporter of charitable causes, with a focus on providing assistance to children. Among the organizations it supports is the Southeast Asian nonprofit Cambodia’s Hope.

Founded in 2002, Cambodia’s Hope is located in Poipet, Cambodia, a city that lies near the Thai border and grapples with social issues such as poverty and human trafficking. The organization has 50 staff members and relies on volunteers to support its efforts.

Cambodia’s Hope runs several programs intended to disrupt the cycle of poverty that prevents many residents of Poipet from learning skills that would reduce their vulnerability to trafficking. For instance, the NGO provides agricultural support and education, trains local teachers, and offers support to women and children most at risk of exploitation.

Cambodia’s Hope has also addressed the lack of clean, accessible water by installing a water sanitation system and educating local communities on water safety and sanitation procedures.

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