Five Reasons to Sponsor a Child in a Developing Country

World Vision pic

World Vision

The attorneys at Codilis and Associates serve the needs of mortgage lenders and service providers throughout the state of Illinois. As part of their charitable endeavors, Codilis and Associates are long-time supporters of World Vision, which connects children in need with people who can sponsor them so they may enjoy more opportunities in life. Codilis & Associates continues to support this organization and encourages others to do the same by becoming sponsors. Following are some great reasons why individuals should do this.

1. Sponsoring a child is a genuinely rewarding experience. A great deal of satisfaction and fulfillment can be gained from the knowledge that sponsorship will allow a child access to resources that may not otherwise have been available.

2. Sponsorship is affordable and can make a genuine difference in somebody’s life. The World Vision program, for example, costs only $39 per month. That’s less than the price of a cup of coffee per day.

3. Supporting a child affords unique insight into different cultures and regions of the world, allowing one to develop a greater understanding of the social challenges faced by children in other countries.

4. Sponsorship sets a great example for children, demonstrating the importance of helping those who are less fortunate.

5. A sponsor will build a personal relationship with the child being supported through the exchange of letters, gifts, and cards. In doing this, the achievements of the sponsored child can be shared, and the sponsor can feel secure in the knowledge that his or her donations have made it all possible.

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