Cambodia’s Hope Brings Nutrition and Education to Children

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Codilis and Associates

Codilis & Associates is an Illinois-based law firm with experience in real estate law and creditor rights. In addition to representing clients who work within the business sector, Codilis and Associates supports a wide array of charitable initiatives, including the efforts of the nonprofit Cambodia’s Hope.

Founded more than a decade ago, Cambodia’s Hope is an organization that supports the operations of several orphanages in the Asian country. The primary orphanage that the organization supports is the Palm Tree Orphanage, which has grown from providing for 16 children in 2002 to 86 children today with the help of Cambodia’s Hope.

The work of Cambodia’s Hope allows the Palm Tree Orphanage to provide its young residents with nutrition, education, art, and recreation. These children are able to attend a half day of standard Cambodian school along with a half day of education provided especially by the orphanage, where the students learn subjects including English, chemistry, accounting, and computers. Additionally, most students attend a music or dance program and participate in public performances to showcase learned skills.

According to findings reported by UNICEF, around one billion children live in poverty around the world, but programs such as Cambodia’s Hope that provide them with access to a home and education go a long way toward reducing the effect that poverty can have on their lives. Research shows that access to education can be the crucial catalyst that motivates communities within developing countries to improve levels of food security, health care, and gender equality for their citizens.


Author: Codillis & Associates

Located in Burr Ridge, Illinois, Codilis & Associates, P.C. is a respected leader in the legal area of creditor rights. Led by Senior Partner Ernest J. Codilis, Jr., Codilis & Associates specializes in real estate law, particularly in the areas of bankruptcy, building court, evictions, foreclosure, and real estate owned property. Combining expertise in client services and technological innovations, Codilis & Associates provides services supported by the most technologically advanced systems and equipment available, such as LenStar, NETtrak, FIS Desktop, NewImage Express(TM), inter alia. An active member of the wider legal and mortgage banking community, Codilis & Associates maintains memberships in the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (FHLMC) Designated Counsel for Illinois, the Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA) Retained Attorney Network for Illinois, the Mortgage Bankers Association of America, and The Chicago Bar Association. Beyond legal practice, Codilis & Associates is highly involved in a number of charitable organizations dedicated to helping disadvantaged children, including Cambodia’s Hope, Mercy House, and World Vision, Inc. Codilis & Associates also recently donated to the Attorney’s Title Guaranty Fund, Inc.’s efforts to assist homeowners in danger of foreclosure.

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