Food Insecurity in Illinois


Lawyers Feeding Illinois pic
Lawyers Feeding Illinois

Based in Burr Ridge, Illinois, Codilis and Associates is a law firm that represents clients in an array of legal areas, including real estate law and creditor rights. Along with its professional focus, Codilis & Associates also dedicates itself to serving the community through involvement with charities such as Lawyers Feeding Illinois.

Lawyers Feeding Illinois is one of many nonprofits that address a serious need among many communities in the state of Illinois. These food-based charitable organizations are helping to feed the one in seven residents of the state who experience regular food insecurity–a number that amounts to around 1.8 million people, or 14 percent of the state’s population. Among Illinois’ most vulnerable demographic, the percentage is even higher, with over a fifth of the state’s more than 600,000 children affected by food insecurity.

This issue is not limited to one area of the state, manifesting in urban centers such as Chicago as well as more rural areas in agricultural districts. Though government food programs do provide those in need with support, those who wish to help further the fight against hunger in the state can take initiative by donating time or resources to charities that focus specifically on food insecurity.


Author: Codillis & Associates

Located in Burr Ridge, Illinois, Codilis & Associates, P.C. is a respected leader in the legal area of creditor rights. Led by Senior Partner Ernest J. Codilis, Jr., Codilis & Associates specializes in real estate law, particularly in the areas of bankruptcy, building court, evictions, foreclosure, and real estate owned property. Combining expertise in client services and technological innovations, Codilis & Associates provides services supported by the most technologically advanced systems and equipment available, such as LenStar, NETtrak, FIS Desktop, NewImage Express(TM), inter alia. An active member of the wider legal and mortgage banking community, Codilis & Associates maintains memberships in the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (FHLMC) Designated Counsel for Illinois, the Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA) Retained Attorney Network for Illinois, the Mortgage Bankers Association of America, and The Chicago Bar Association. Beyond legal practice, Codilis & Associates is highly involved in a number of charitable organizations dedicated to helping disadvantaged children, including Cambodia’s Hope, Mercy House, and World Vision, Inc. Codilis & Associates also recently donated to the Attorney’s Title Guaranty Fund, Inc.’s efforts to assist homeowners in danger of foreclosure.

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