The Illinois State Bar Association Helps Attorneys Connect and Grow

Illinois State Bar Association pic

Illinois State Bar Association

Illinois-based legal firm Codilis and Associates offers legal services to clients in the financial industry. For more than 35 years, the firm has helped clients navigate loss mitigation, bankruptcy proceedings, and more. Codilis & Associates is affiliated with the Illinois State Bar Association.

The Illinois State Bar Association was formed in 1877 as a voluntary organization of top legal professionals in the state. For well over a century, the organization has helped shape legislation, educate the public, and advance the legal profession within the state of Illinois.

The association also maintains a a wide variety of discussion groups, allowing attorneys from far and near to collaborate and share ideas. Most online groups are open to all Illinois State Bar Associates, while some additional section discussion groups are set aside for those with additional section memberships.

Online discussion groups include ethics, family law, litigation discussion, and more. There is even a mentor-mentee board, where new attorneys can ask questions, and legal veterans can guide the next generation of legal professionals.

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